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We offer premier thoroughbred horse racing information for all tracks in North America.  Our products include historical statistics as well as handicapping analysis software.  Our premiere program does not require lengthy downloads because we are web based.  We provide handicapping statistics and reports for all individuals interested in thoroughbred horse racing from novice rookies to experienced veterans.


Thoroughbred Analytics; Handicapping Analytics and Racing Analytics produce reports on all horses, jockeys and trainers. Our Handicapping software, TA2, allows users to create customizable models using more than 40 key factors and dimensions.


We also offer free Stable Alerts to notify users whenever their favorite hore(s) has completed a workout or will run a race.


Program Benefits

  • Earn a 10% Commission For Each Sale you Refer.
  • We Provide all marketing materials.
  • There is No Cap on Your Earnings.
  • Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions.
  • We Pay you Monthly on All Sales Referred.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I receive my commission checks?

    Thoroughbred Analytics issues checks for the previous month's events on the 20th of the month for affiliates where the account balance exceeds US$25. Until an affiliate's account balance reaches US$25, the balance rolls over into the following month.

  2. Do you pay via Paypal and how often do you pay?

    We will issue checks or pay through PayPal.  We pay commissions one per month, within 30 days of the end of the month.

  3. Where can I advertise your products and services?

    You may adertise our products and services on your website or those of your partners and affiliates.

  4. Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

    No. An affiliate account with Thoroughbred Analytics is absolutely FREE. There are not costs and no maintenantce fees. However, to be approved, you will need an active website.

  5. Do I need software to run my Affiliate Program?

    No. Thoroughbred Analytics has a built-in infrastructure that does not require any software to be installed. The affiliate web-based interface can be accessed with one username and password. When features are added, they are seamlessly integrated and Throughbred Analytics members will have instant access to all the latest features.